Discover - A Timeline

  • 1748

    Rev. Richard Crump built the Old Rectory at the cost of £450

  • 1775

    On 10th June John Wesley first visited Killyman with support of Rev. Charles Caulfield who was rector in Killyman at this time. John Wesley is known for being the founder and leader of the Methodist Church

  • 1785

    John Wesley visited Killyman again. He was not permitted to enter the pulpit ao preached on the avenue of the Old Rectory to a large gathering.

  • 1787

    Aged 86, John Wesley made his third and final visit to Killyman where he preached on the Old Rectory steps for a second time. Again, he was entertained by Rev. Caufield on this occasion.

  • 1910

    On 1st February the wedding of Isobel Campbell to Lieut Charles de Burgh R.N was celebrated in St Andrews Church. Isobel was the daughter of Rev. Edward Campbell who was rector at Killyman at this time. Here they are pictured on the steps of the Old Rectory house. Isobel and Charles went on to have a daughter Coralie who married the lord lieutenant for Belfast.

  • 1917

    Colin Campbell (R of back row) Rev. Campbells son who was a commander in the Royal Navy. Alongside Dr G T Bennett, he invented the Campbell-Bennett Aperiodic Compass which made blind flying possible and was also useful at sea.

  • 1918

    Tragically just one month before war ended Colin, his wife and four-year-old daughter were all drowned at sea when their steamer was torpedoed by a German Submarine UB 123. They were brought to the mortuary of St Michael’s Hospital, Kingstown, (now Dun Laoghaire), County Dublin where Colin’s father, the Rev Edward Campbell identified them.

  • 1987

    Rectory was sold to Dr Campbell and became a private residence. Doctor Campbell and his family lived here for 30 years.

  • 2015

    Old Rectory was bought by Paul and Emma who have undertaken an extensive restoration project to lovingly restore and maintain the unique character of this listed property and outbuildings.